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Matchmaking International proposal from UK mail 

Matchmaking International proposal from UK mail 

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1. Mr Ibrahim Akhtar MalikDOB: 06081996 age 25Single5’112. “A” levels    

 Biology, chemistry,

maths physics all grade AFirst year pharmacy

at Keele University Staffordshire Did not complete university due to death in family 3.

Company director     £60,000 per year 4. Islam    

 Ahle Hadees     Malik (kakeyzai) 5. Living with parents  

  We own our own property  4 bedroom Trentham,

Stoke on Trent Staffordshire Nationality :

British Pakistani  born in uk6. Father

: kamal Akhtar MalikCompany directorMother : housewifeSiblings: 3 younger sisters7.

Marital status: singleAge : 20-23Height : around 5’3 5’6 but not important Qualification

: good education Caste : not important but punjab side
We need a pious girl wear head scarf and good religious knowledge.  not barelvi etc
Ibrahim is fair skin xplur.He is looking for house wife not someone who wants to do any job in UK.

Allahamdulillah we have a good source of income. If we can find a small family from girl side. 
Any other questions please ask.

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