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UK Marriage | UK Marriage Bureau |Marriage UK
UK Marriage Bureau has been doing a phenomenal job by

resolving a challenge of finding a suitable partner in such difficult times

. With such a busy life in the UK it is hard to take time out and go for life partner hunt.

With UK Rishta Bureau Mr Usman Khalid provided me the partner

suggestions who matched my expectations and was able to find my Life Partner.

He has a great team who makes sure that the required partner

preferences are met and they never stop until we find one.

I am deeply grateful to UK Marriage Bureau

team Especially Mr ashraf pk for making it happen. Much appreciated.

As a family residing in the UK we decided to look for a

Rishta in Pakistan for my younger brother who regretfully was a Divorcee with children

. Initially we had all the usual reservations and panic attacks and more.

I decided to contact over a dozen Marriage Bureau online and over the phone.

I had the usual expected level of non existant customer service and poor communication from most of them.

Finally we decided to proceed with nikah pk ashraf UK Marriage Bureau

as he gave us confidence with the manner he communicated,

and assured us he was prepared to work with us till conclusion.

He understood our brief clearly and forwarded proposal accordingly.

After few months of going back and forth we decided on

a rishta all was agreed and Rishta was confirmed.

Sadly soon after for whatever reason the Rishta was declined

. We were anxious that, Oh we have been done over.

BUT!to our family surprise ashraf reassured us and

proceeded with double the vigour and effort and soon after my brother wa

We Deal Well Educated & Settled Families

Doctors, Engineers, Lecturers, CSS, Businessman, Landlord

First, second & Late Marriage Matrimonial Proposals From Pakistan, UK, USA, Canada Arab & European Countries.

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